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Ref. 98-359

Be the first player to get rid of all of your cards!
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  • Age From 7 years old
  • Game length less than 30mn
  • Language(s) German
  • Number of players 3 to 8 gamer(s)
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Detailed description of "Futschikato"

Be the first player to get rid of all of your cards!

Join forces with fellow players to beat cards played by other players...or independently play the highest card to outdo all your opponents together, flushing their cards down the drain!

Futschikato is a fast, fun, easy-to-learn card game that will have you shouting as your cards are sent down the drain!

Futschikato is a card game, which consists of cards numbered 2 through 20, with higher numbers being rarer. Each player holds six cards at the beginning. In clockwise order, players play one card each. If it is higher than another card currently on the table, the lower card or cards are discarded and the players who had played the lower cards must draw a new card. However, if two or more players play the same number, the card values are added together. When it is a player's turn and their card is still in front of them, they can discard it without redrawing. First player(s) to get rid of their cards wins!

Futschikato is supports from 3 to 8 players! A great game for large player counts!

In the categorie: 2F Spiele

Detailed characteristics of "Futschikato"

Artist Harald Lieske
Author(s) Friedemann Friese
Language(s) German
Mechanism(s) Cards
Theme(s) Numbers
Publisher 2F Spiele

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Jean-luc F. on 12/30/2016 :


Version allemande de Fuji Flush (règle en allemand mais cartes identiques) Monsieur F.F. nous offre ici un superbe jeu de carte d'ambiance ! On peut jouer jusqu'à 8 et il vaut mieux être au moins 4 pour sentir toute la richesse de ce jeu qui est rapide (environ 15min), facile et énervant ! Les règles sont simple : les cartes vont de 2 à 20 mais il y a beaucoup de 2 et un seul 20 ; le but est de ne plus avoir de cartes ; chacun pose à son tour une carte devant lui. Si une personne après lui pose une plus forte, il défausse et pioche. Si personne ne met plus fort, il défaussse et perd donc une carte. Mais si quelqu'un mais le même chiffre, les cartes s'additionne... On assiste alors à des alliances de "petits" contre les "gros". L'un des meilleurs jeu de cartes de cette fin d'année.


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