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North American Railways

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North American Railways

Ref. SPINA01

In the card game North American Railways , 3-5 players build railroads in the United States. They become directors of up to five different companies and try to acquire a majority of shares. In the end, the player with the most cash wins.
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  • Game length 1 to 2h
  • Language(s) English , German
  • Number of players 3 to 5 gamer(s)
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Detailed description of "North American Railways"

North America in the 19th century: The players are wealthy entrepreneurs investing in the early railway companies whose expanding rail networks gradually connect even remote cities of the North American continent.

The players purchase shares of railway companies and hope to make enormous profits doing so.

 North American Railways is a mechanically simple yet complex economic strategy game.



30 shares (six cards each in the five colors of the railway companies), 5 starting cities, 36 cities, 10 marker tokens (two each in the five colors of the railway companies), Play money (in the denominations of $100,$200,$500 and $1000), 1start player token, 2 rules booklets (English and German)

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Detailed characteristics of "North American Railways"

Artist Harald Lieske
Author(s) Peer Sylvester
Language(s) English - German
Mechanism(s) Trains
Theme(s) Transportation
Publisher Spielworxx

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