5th Edition Adventures Reaping Bones


Reapping Bones is a prosecution adventure in a dark and mysterious world
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Reapping Bones, an adventure for the 5th edition of the oldest ROLET GAMES TAR KILN, a wild area of ​​wooded hills, cut by deep ravines, where huge blocks of gray stone are grasslands of highlands as Islands in the sea. Here, streams feed lakes or wild rivers and the sky seems to extend to infinity. But the tar kiln is not a nice place; He is littered with tar pits, constantly ooking the ichors of the world's birth on green herbs. And it houses wild beasts, dragons, men with bull's head and tigers whose fangs are so big that they look like sabers. And in the midst of all this are the ruins of an old god, nunt , master of the obscure places. Only the Rosturs live here. This is Brian, Lord of Helliwell, who runs his people with kindness. He does not ask them more than their oaths, nor gives them more than what his oaths required. But that's where his misfortune lies, because to protect his people, he upset his king, and suffered the loss of his son. Carried away by mercenaries in the wild lands of the TAR KILN, the boy disappeared. But Brian must go to the south to face his monarch, turning to others to help his child. So, you end up entering the Tar Kiln, and in the wild land, whose echoes have a terror that only the daring can face. Because in them hide monsters.Reaping bones is an adventure that immerses the characters in dark and mysterious universe to find a boy whose kidnappers are all but normal mercenaries.
Theme(s) FantasticMedieval
Language(s) English
Editor Troll Lord Games

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