Loyalty points, how does it work?

Loyalty points, why?

To thank you for your support and to reward you, we have set up a loyalty point system.

With each purchase (except for products subject to the law of the single book price,and gift vouchers) you earn loyalty points. Once you have reached the required amount, you can convert these loyalty points in euros for a purchase on our website.

How do I earn points?

The points you can earn are indicated under each item (except product subject to the law of the single book price) and on your order summary, and are awarded according to the following 3 criteria:

These points will be finally allocated during the expedition of your order .
The loyalty points earned will have a life span of 1 year.

For more informations about the loyalty point, CLICK HERE

How do I spend the points I earned?

After each order, your points total increases and you can consult it in your account in the "My loyalty points" section.

4 levels allowing you to transform your points into discount coupons :

• 50 Phib'z = 3€
• 100 Phib'z = 7€
• 150 Phib'z = 12€
• 200 Phib'z = 20€*

The coupons are valid for 2 months from the date of their creation and available with others promotions.

These coupons are not divisible and must be used in one time.

Any issue?

For questions about our Loyalty Points Program, contact us stating your problem.