Loyalty points, how does it work?

Explanatory of the system of points of loyalty

Loyalty points, why?

To thank you for your support and to reward you for your loyalty, we have established a system of loyalty points.

With each purchase you earn loyalty points. Once you reach the required amount, you can turn these loyalty points in euros for a purchase on the website Philibert.

How do I earn points?

The points you can earn are listed under each product (except product submitted to law of the unique price of the book) and in the summary of your order and allocated according to the following three criteria:

These points will be finally allocated during the expedition of your order .

How to spend the points?

After each order, your total increases and you can see it in your account under "My loyalty points".

From 200 points, these loyalty points can be spent in a voucher that you can use when going on your next order.

Each loyalty point is currently worth 0.1 euros (or 10 euros for 100 points).

These discount codes will beings used in your next order.


Scale of points earned by purchasing a product

* rounded to the nearest whole

Scale of points earned with the amount of your order

Particular case of holders of a systematic surrender (toy library, associations and others)

Only the total amount of your order and pre-orders will be subject to the points allocation.

Pour les précommande, suivant l'article concerné.

For pre-order, according to the concerned product.

Particular case of products submitted to the law of the unique price of the book

In accordance with the regulations on the unique price of the book (law n° 81-766 of Agust 10th, 1981), the puchase of books (french, english or Pdf version) does not allow to benefit from Loyalty points.

Can I earn points for shipping cost?

No, you can't. In the calculation of points earned, the shipping costs are excluded.

Can I earn points when using loyalty points or vouchers?

Yes you can. An order wich use loyalty points will be also rewarded with loyalty points corresponding to the final total (after use of points or voucher). The calculation will be in proportion to the use of these points.

Terms of Use

When problems

For questions about our Loyalty Points Program, contact us stating your problem.