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Wrapped box - Intact game material - One corner staved in - Game in english
  • English
  • From 10 years old
  • 1 to 2h
  • 1 to 4 player(s)

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Wrapped box - Intact game material - One corner staved in - Game in english

Oniria - the world of an ancient dragon civilization. Stories describe this land as an idyllic paradise filled with dragon-created wonders and surrounded by a thriving wilderness. The only portal to this world is the Book of Wonders, an ancient tome locked in an abandoned tower. It lies dormant, covered in dust, waiting for the person it is most eagerly awaiting: you.

Wonder Book: The Book of Wonders!

Wonder Book is a pop-up game for 1 to 4 players in which each player takes on the role of a teenager in a group of adventurous friends. It is a cooperative game in which you all win or lose as a team.
The game is divided into six consecutive scenarios ("chapters"), each consisting of a specific set of pre-sorted cards that contain the rules, story, and challenges you must overcome. Each chapter has you explore a new part of the interactive 3D cardboard pop-up book and learn more about the world in which your adventure takes place.

Wonder Book: Go on an adventure!

Starting with the first card in the chapter set, the story unfolds until you reach an objective card. These cards indicate a goal to continue and explain how player and enemy turns play out. Each hero can perform three actions per turn, including moving and fighting, using their individual skills, collecting magic sparks (used to perform special actions) and interacting with cards and pop-ups. Once all the heroes have taken their turn, a card determines how the enemies will react by moving, attacking, respawning or doing something unexpected.

The basic mechanics are easy to understand, but the game keeps evolving as each scenario offers different things to do. You'll find yourself exploring, fighting bosses, solving puzzles, playing little mini-games, searching for clues... anything is possible throughout the story!
Wonder Book is at the crossroads of everything gamers want: an engaging campaign, great original material, the ability to share hours of gameplay between kids and parents... It's clearly a game full of wonders!
Theme(s) AdventureFantastic
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) ObservationCo-operative ExplorationDexterity
Author(s) Martino ChiacchieraMichele Piccolini
Artist Dario CestaroMiguel Coimbra
Editor Da Vinci

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