Forgotten Battles in Russia 1942: Volume 1


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Scenarios for WW2 wargamers.

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This book contains 19 battle scenarios, covering the period of January to April 1945. It also includes special rules for each scenario. 
New weapons, armour and infantry types can be applied to any set of rules. Including War on the Ground.
For most people the War in Russia in 1942 was about Stalingrad. But Stalingrad was a small part of a much bigger conflict from Finland to the Black Sea. 
This starts to tell the story of the War in the East in 1942 everywhere else but Stalingrad...  Across the whole front there is the information you need to get an idea of what was happening in the East. There are 19 detailed scenarios from Company to Battalion level which can be used with any set of WW2 Wargames rules, with unit organisation charts, vehicle and unit stats and new rules for 'The War on the Ground' Rules... rules which have been received with universal acclimation in the Wargames Press. 
Vast amounts of research have gone into this book... no 're-hash' of someone else's 'one book' research! We think you will not be disappointed. 
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) Wargame
Editor Anschluss Publishing

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