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W40K : Codex - Imperial Knights - Bargain


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Wrapped book - Damaged corners, scratches - Book in french
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Wrapped book - Damaged corners, scratches - Book in french

Imperial Knights go to war shaking the ground, towering over mortal soldiers and humbler machines. Each Knight is an imposing machine of destruction, a bipedal walker with overwhelming firepower and devastating weaponry in close combat. Connected to their noble pilots by the strange Mechanicum Throne, the Knights move with a speed and grace supposedly impossible for machines of their size, guided by the Code of Chivalry to cleanse the Imperium of its enemies by spitting tongues of thunderous fire. Their glory is that of the golden age of mankind, and no one can resist their titanic charge.

The Houses of Knights field large osts of these majestic war machines, from agile Armiger-class squires to relentless Dominus-class machines, and wage war according to their rich traditions. The history of some famous Houses predates the rise of the Emperor, when their worlds were beset by a Dark Age and owed their salvation only to the heroism of their ancestors. Other Imperial Knight pilots exiled themselves from their House and took the path of the Fiefless - leading their Knights for personal gain, or joining a Fiefless Spear to gain renown as they roamed the galaxy.

This resplendent book is a must-have for Imperial Knight players and collectors, and for those who want to hire the services of a Knight in their armies of the Imperium. You'll find the rules for playing an Imperial Knight army-including the Noble Houses, the Knightly Lessons, and the Oaths of the Knightly Code-as well as the history exploring the chronicles and structure of the Knightly Houses, from their ancient origins and legendary victories to the millennia-old traditions and elaborate heraldry each Knight wears to war.

In this 136-page hardcover book, you will find:
  • A detailed history of the Imperial Knights, their relationship to the factions of the Imperium, the structure of their Great Houses
  • Majestic illustrations depicting the glory of these noble warriors and their titanic steeds, and the liveries of the most notable Houses.
  • All the rules you need to play an army of Imperial Knights, including the Renom Army of Lance Sans Fief, and to include a Knight in the other armies of the Imperium
  • Complete rules for Crusade campaigns and narrative games, in which your Knights undertake great Quests to become legends known throughout the Imperium
  • An 'Eavy Metal' gallery filled with lovingly painted Imperial Knight miniatures

Language(s) French
Theme Futuriste/SF
Product Type Rules/Games
Book cover Hardcover
Editor Games workshop

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