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The colorful world of Le Creuset is constantly impregnated by changing flows. New wonders seem to appear no matter which way you look... So who knows what is stirring in the unfathomable darkness of the ocean?
  • French
  • From 14 years old
  • 30mn to 1h
  • 2 player(s)

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Dive under the waves!

A new era of transformation is coming with the tides and, like a powerful tidal wave, they are about to engulf Le Creuset and reshape its landscape forever!

Dark Tides introduces a brand new House, replacing Dis's in the rotation of active houses. Living deep in Le Creuset's oceans, the Maison Insondable gives Le Creuset a resolutely aquatic hue. With a mix of humanoid Aquans and dangerous deep-sea beasts, it will be deadly, especially when faced with unprepared creatures straying into their domain. But with the rising tides reaching the Crucible, the entire planet could soon fall under their control.

As a faction, the Fearless House specializes in controlling its opponents by depleting their creatures. With cards like Kiri Golden Backbone that keep your opponent's creatures tilted, it quickly becomes difficult for them to gather a fighting force or harvest enough Shadow. Once your enemies are exhausted, you can keep them out of battle with the unusual power of The Chosen One, or even clean up the mess by playing Sleep in Closed Pisces!

The Unfathomable are known in another area of mastery: the tide that rises and surges over the Crucible. The tides are as singular as so many other things in this strange world. However, one thing does not change: if the tide is high for you, it is low for someone else. Each Archonte deck in Dark Tides comes with the new Tide map, which is an integral part of the many maps in this set.

This card is not in play at the beginning of the game, but as soon as a player raises the tide, the card is put into play, with the High Tide side towards him and Low Tide side towards his opponent. A High Tide has no inherent effects, but many cards become more powerful, or can only be used if it is on your side, as a Hook Master . Many effects can cause the tide to rise, such as Kekoa, Creator of the Sea, and if a player has nothing to reverse the tide, he can always inflict three chains on himself to tilt the high tide in his favor!

This starter box contains everything you need to play :

  •     Two unique Archontes decks.
  •     All the accessories needed for 2 players
  •     Two play mats
Theme(s) Science FictionFantastic
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) PowersCards
Author(s) Richard Garfield
Note globale 4.6
Editor Fantasy Flight Games
  • 2 Archonte's Unique Dark Tide Decks
  • 6 Key Pieces
  • 22 Shadow Pawns
  • 22 Damage Pawns
  • 44 Status Markers
  • 2 Chain Counters with their respective Pawn
  • 1 Initiation Sheet
  • 2 Game Mat Posters


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  • This game was played and recommanded by Entre Joueurs, here its opinion:


    Keyforge : Sombres Marées est le cinquième set de Keyforge et loin d'être le dernier. Dans ce nouveau set, on a toujours le plaisir d'ouvrir un deck et de ne pas savoir sur quelles cartes et quelles maisons on va tomber. L'effet "Kinder" fonctionne toujours aussi bien. Passée la découverte des nouvelles mécaniques, nous voilà entrain de batailler pour forger nos 3 clefs en premier. Une nouvelle carte apparaît systématiquement dans chaque deck unique, la carte marée. Cette dernière permet d'indiquer le niveau de la marée sur trois hauteurs : haute, basse et ni haute/ni basse. Quand la marée est haute pour vous, elle est basse pour l'adversaire. Durant votre tour, vous pourrez la faire monter soit en jouant une carte qui fait monter la marée, soit en payant 3 chaînes. L'intérêt ? Certaines cartes changent de fonctionnement selon la hauteur de marée. Il faudra donc parfois modifier la hauteur pour booster les effets de vos cartes. Cette mécanique amène de superbes possibilités de combos et augmente encore la profondeur stratégie du jeu. Bref, ce système est superbe et rend les parties plus techniques. Je vous passe les decks doubles maléfiques, les nouvelles illustrations, la nouvelle maison, les nouveaux effets et combos car il me faudrait un roman pour vous expliquer tout ce que j'aime dans ce jeu. Faisons simple, Keyforge est un jeu de cartes exceptionnels qui se découvre au fil des parties. N'espérez pas tout piger dès votre première partie, c'est normal. Avec l'expérience, les parties seront de plus en plus courtes, fluides et riches. Prenez le temps de lire les règles disponibles sur le site de FFG et jouer, jouer, jouer. Bienvenue dans la jungle !

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