Infinity - Mercenaires - Druze Shock Teams


Box containing 4 metal figurines and their pedestals. To ride and paint.

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"We are garbage, but we can be worse" paramilitary currency of shock teams. Druzes are a people from Lebanon and southern Syria. They have their own religion, a mixture of Islam, gnosticism and other philosophies. Hermetic, unknown, indomitable by nature and traditionally dedicated to rampage and looting, they now control transportation routes and trafficking that connect minor Asia to the Orbital Elevator of East Africa. They also have their own caravanserail, in the building area near the stabilizer for the second bourkworm hole, which will bring a great profit when the jump door will be over. Druze is rich and has some influence and political power in Panoceania and Haqqislam. However, they are always an enigma, because their religion and their organization are full of secret rituals. For a long time, there have been only incomplete and partial reports on their society, but there is no doubt about its effects throughout the human sphere and its roots in the global economy. The evidence is abundant, but their motives are still unknown. As the Druzes want it. Shock teams are a paramilitary assault unit, well driven and equipped with sophisticated military equipment. They were created by Druze for the initial purpose of protecting its businesses. But after some massive force manifestations, everyone has received the message and the security of the commercial interests of the Druzes has been assured. Now, since they are not necessary for commercial protection, the company Druze offers its teams various mercy contracts involving the protection, escort, punishment, deterrence by force, etc. The image of this unit. Perfectly corresponds to the archetype of the frontier mercenary: a cold, murderer, dark and traitor, without ideology, and paid for being. The missions of prevention and intervention that the shock teams are characterized by their wild and bloody nature, forging the reputation of a formidable force that must be taken seriously. The Drygalsky case is a perfect example. The shock teams completely canceled the Drygalsky organization, one of the strongest and uncomfortable Roller Mafias in Tunguska. They killed all his men, his associates, his collaborators and their families. They burned their offices and blow up their thrills. Security, artillery, thugs and mercenaries of the Drygalsky were totally useless. Nothing has survived the attack of shock teams, absolutely nothing .... Apart from ashes and desolation.Contenu: 1x Druze Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) (Combi Rifle) 1x Druze (X Visor) (Chain -Colt) 1x Druze (HMG) 1x Druze (Marksman Rifle)
Theme Futuriste/SF
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Editor Corvus Belli

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