Freeze Factory


The aim is to serve as many people as possible, collecting the most cones, by skilfully moving the flavour tiles.
  • French, Spanish, German
  • From 6 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 to 4 player(s)

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Mixing flavours at the ice cream factory.

Your big day has arrived! As a young engineer at the famous Freeze Factory, you have spent years developing a pioneering ice cream machine.
It can scoop 3 different flavours at one into a cone. Today is your chance to present your invention to the world and treat your guests to delicious ice cream. But who is the best at operating the machine, getting the combination of flavours right and serving the most people?


You decide whether or not to roll the dice.
If you roll, the number you roll is your number of movement points. If you do not roll, you get exactly 3 movement points.

If you manage, either during or at the end of your turn, to create a row of three ice cream flavours on the board that matches the flavours in one of the cones in your hand, you have served the cone and can place it face-up in front of you. Remember that the flavours must be in a horizontal or vertical row; diagonal lines or rows that go over the edge of the board do not count.
If you have no more cones in your hand, you take a new cone from the draw pile.

Game End:

The game ends when a player who has just served a cone is unable to take a new card because the draw pile has been used up. The player who has collected the most cones wins.
Theme(s) Food
Language(s) SpanishGermanFrench
Mechanism(s) Placement
Author(s) Danny HershkovitsGil Druckman
Artist Felix Wermke
Editor Piatnik
  • 26 Ice cream cones of 3 flavors each
  • 13 Flavor tokens
  • 1 Dice
  • 1 Board
  • 1 Rule of the game

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