In Arsenic, you are the members of an old English aristocratic family. Your uncle of America has had the excellent idea of ​​dying by bequeathing your immense fortune. To celebrate the event, you decide to go take the tea and taste some scones.
  • French, English, German
  • From 7 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 1 to 6 player(s)

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Would you like to have a cup of tea?

ARSENIC is a family game, for 1 to 6 players, from 7 years old and offering games of about 15 minutes. This party-game tinged with reflection, bluff, strategy and a touch of luck is based on the stop-or-go principle. Players must be bold and cool to stop before it's too late. A good statistical analysis of the remaining cookies and their potential danger can help you get out of the game... But these reassuring figures are unfortunately often distorted by the boundless perfidy of your opponents. Be careful, because sometimes it doesn't take much to get trapped and pass from life to death.

I want my money!

In order to get your dear Uncle's inheritance money, you'll have to be able to finish his tea without it costing him his life. So, when there is no one left and you are the last survivor of the tea party, you will become the one and only heir worthy of the name, and the inheritance will be yours.

One bite too many!

The trick to winning is to estimate the right moment to stop. That is, when there are only a handful of potentially poisonous cookies left in the box. When a player stops, the others have to continue for 2 more rounds. It is therefore important to observe the expressions of the players as they pick in order to estimate their level of poisoning. Of course, they can act and hide their game well (the deceivers!). In order to be sure to win the inheritance, you must be sure to have collected a good quantity of cookies so that you don't lose the inheritance for one or two less cookies than another survivor.
Theme(s) HumourFood
Language(s) GermanFrenchEnglish
Mechanism(s) Ambiance
Author(s) Pascal Boucher
Artist Pascal Boucher
Editor Robin Red Games

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