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List of products by publisher: Mind Fitness Games

  • Verona Twist

    Six well-known Veronese figures make their appearance on the square day by day — but two of them are not the ones they appear to be.

    • French, English, German
    • From 9 years old
    • 2 player(s)
    • less than 30mn

    15,90 €

  • Travelin'

    In Travelin', you're a traveler making your way through Europe using a combination of trains, buses, and planes. Built to be accessible for non-gamers while at the same time hav...

    • English
    • From 14 years old
    • 2 to 5 player(s)
    • 30mn to 1h

    13,00 €

  • Quinque

    There’s only one skydiving competition in which two teams race to form a five-man formation in the middle of free fall. After the starting jumpers make their leap, you have abou...

    • French, English, German
    • From 7 years old
    • 2 player(s)
    • less than 30mn

    16,90 €

  • Sponsio


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    Time to take part in the greatest battles ever with your gladiator cards and try to win fights by taking tricks…or not because earlier you placed bets against them.

    • English
    • From 10 years old
    • 3 to 4 player(s)
    • 30mn to 1h

    12,95 €

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