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Time Stories

Time Stories

Time travel! 

Time Stories is a narrative and cooperative board game in which players jump through time to confront parallel realities. 

Playing as agents of the T.I.M.E. Agency, the adventurers are sent to different eras to solve problems that threaten the balance of humanity.

Innovative game mechanics 

T.I.M.E Stories is a board game with role-playing elements. Agents are sent in time into "hosts" to investigate a case. Each player controls his own body and his own identity.  

The game offers an immersive mechanic: decksploring.  

In each adventure, players perform runs limited by UTs (units of time). During the course of the game, players execute a series of actions, such as exploring a place for example, and consume UTs. When the units are burned, the players leave the mission and return to the present time.

The range

The Time Stories range consists of a basic game, released in 2015, around which various scenarios are built. Each of them represents a distinct mission with its own universe that players will have to go through, search and sometimes fight to get to the end of the story.

The first cycle or white cycle 

The basic box includes all you need to play every scenarios, as well as a first initiatory adventure, Asylum. Different adventures regularly feed the range, which can be played in any order. The only exception is that it is recommended that you have played at least one other scenario before starting Madame.

Asylum: agents are propelled to France during the Roaring Twenties, in an establishment where a strange situation is brewing. 

The Marcy Case: In 1992, agents are sent to an American city hit by an epidemic in search of a young girl named Marcy.

Under the Mask: Agents are sent to the time of the Pharaohs to unlock the secrets of the Valley of the Kings.

A Prophecy of Dragons: The agents' mission is to solve an enigma in a medieval fantasy world populated by strange creatures. 

Expedition - Endurance: Agents are sent to Antarctica during World War I where the members of an expedition give no sign of life.

Lumen Fidei: A trip to the heart of Spain at the end of the Reconquista to solve a diplomatic mission for the Papacy.

Estrella Drive: a plunge into the Hollywood of the 80s where strange things happen.

Brotherhood of the Coast: agents are sent to the Caribbean seas in the 17th century, during the great era of piracy, to investigate the disappearance of four agents.

Madame: the intrigue takes place at the court of Louis XIV in 1673 within the Palace of Versailles.

The second cycle or blue cycle  

The second cycle of the T.I.M.E. Stories universe is initiated by Experience, an optional box that launches the new game's basics and links all the scenarios of the new cycle. Experiment contains no adventures to solve but is some additional content adding a dose of storytelling. 

As with the white cycle, the blue cycle consists of several scenarios that can be played independently and in any order.  

Damien: Prequel to the Cavendish Manor scenario. 

The Hadal Project: The action takes place in the future, in 2099, in an underwater base at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, to investigate a mysterious epidemic that is devastating its inhabitants. 

A Summer Night: A wacky mission set against the backdrop of a famous play by William Shakespeare. 

Cavendish Manor: An adventure with teenagers in a fantasized United States.

And also a novel 

The universe of T.I.M.E. Stories is a very rich universe that does not stop at the boardgaming sphere. The range also includes a novel, The Heiden Files. This is totally in line with the game's universe and allows readers to learn more about the workings of the T.I.M.E. Agency. 

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