Crypt of the Devil Lich 5E


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Crypt of the Devil Lich 5E is perhaps the most popular dungeon game ever published by Goodman Games, and has been fully updated and converted to the new rules.

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The heroes are sent to the evil lich's crypt to destroy her before she regains power, as prophesied. However, the unknowing heroes have actually been tricked into entering her crypt to free her from her prison. If they are truly heroes, they will uncover the deception and defeat the evil lich before she can spread her dark designs on the surface world.

Created as an homage to Gygax's classic to provide an even greater challenge, the Crypt of the Evil Lich became a legend when it was first played in a dungeon crawl tournament. After all, this is the adventure where you find a dragon mummy, a hall of prophets, and a castle suspended by chains over a sea of lava - not to mention a legendary villain!

Crypt of the Devil Lich 5E is perhaps the most beloved dungeon game ever published by Goodman Games, and has been fully updated and converted to the new rules.

The adventure is designed for a group of four to six level 15 characters.
  • A hardcover Smythe-sewn book.
  • All-new cover art by Sanjulian!
  • A detailed introduction chapter, including notes on how to adjust the adventure for higher or lower levels, using it during campaign play, notes on how to run the adventure as a team tournament, and the devilish backstory of the Devil Lich and her dark machinations.
  • All new interior artwork and cartography
  • Dozens of player handouts, in the tradition of the classic modules Tomb of Horrors and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.
  • Six fully developed pre-generated Player Characters based on the original tournament player characters.
  • The original team tournament scoring system.
Theme(s) FantasticMedieval
Language(s) English
Author(s) Michael CurtisAndrew SmithMike FergusonJoseph GoodmanAdrian M. PommierChris DoyleJason LittleF. Wesley SchneiderLisa DoyleBob BrinkmanAndrew HindHarley StrohJeff QuinnMarc Bruner
Artist Chris ArnesonJason EdwardsC. Aaron KreaderCliff KurowskiJesse MohnWilliam McAuslandJames HollowayDoug KovacsTom GalambosStefan PoagBradley McDevittChad SergesketterSanjulianErol Otus
Number of pages 138
Book cover Hardcover
System 5E Compatible
Editor Good Games Publishing

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