Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for Foundry for 5th Edition


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Get Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons set up and ready to use in Foundry. Includes all 45 dragon ancestry & heritage rules, ancestry feats, dragon lore for all 45 dragons, new archetypes/classes & more!
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With Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for D&D 5E, the power of dragons is in your hands.

With the dragon race and class, play as a dragon who used a special ritual to gain power quickly by adventuring rather than by waiting millennia to grow into it. Over 45 dragon ancestries allow you to play a huge variety of true dragons. Includes both the hardcover version and the PDF for free!

With the draconic ravager and dragon mage subclasses, you can specialize your character with martial or magical draconic powers. Hundreds of special draconic gifts and evolutions mean the only limit is your imagination! With lore and lavish art for each of the 45 dragon ancestries, you can learn more and choose the dragon that best fits your personality. And what better way to decorate than with Hoards of Power, a subsystem allowing dragons to power up by building their hoards instead of shopping!

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for D&D 5E includes:
  • New Race: Dragon!
  • 45 Unique Playable Dragon Ancestries 
  • New Class: Dragon!
  • Two new dragon archetypes - Draconic Ravager and Dragon Mage
  • Over 200 unique Gifts to build your custom Dragon, including 37 unique 1st-level Gifts, 58 unique 6th-level Gifts, 76 unique 10th-level Gifts, 43 unique 14th-level Gifts, and 14 unique 18th-level Gifts
  • 45 full pages of lore for every dragon ancestry
  • Alternative rules for leveling your Dragon PC using Hoards of Power
  • 100+ unique dragon PC illustrations
  • And much more!
Language(s) English
Number of pages 118
Book cover Hardcover
ISBN 978-1737460954
System 5E Compatible
Editor Roll For Combat

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