Capharnaüm - Le Complément d'Al-Rawi


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The Al-Rawi supplement offers the screen of the 3-component leader and a 48-page booklet.
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The screen proposes, the leader side, three planes of useful tables during the game. The first PAN, dedicated to the magic tables, provides the tables concerning the thresholds of difficulty spells or tablets, the parameters of the spells, the elements, the elements, as well as information on palmistry and shaytan. The Central Pan, dedicated to the general and combat tables, offers information on testing, difficulty thresholds, falls, drowning or poisons, the duration of combat actions, combat modifiers, as well as care. Finally, the last PAN proposes the list of characteristics of weapons and armor.The booklet that accompanies it is cut into 7 parts: the celestial dragons: their form, their powers, their objectives and motivations. Several dragon houses are described. It should be noted that this chapter processes only celestial dragons, their fallen cousins ​​being presented in the supplement (to be appeared) beyond the sands.de the orichalque: its origin, its powers, its exploitation are treated. One of the last known exploitation is presented, as well as some objects of great power through him.Thera: description of the fallen city, formerly the flagship of the agalanthetic Empire.Noud of vipers: the characters will be involved in the nodes of conspiracy In the city of Balambna, located in the fringes of the desert. Between the intrigues of the notables and threats of the looters, they will have to do the necessary in order to avoid a bath of blood, or even worse. The petals of sanctification: the characters will investigate suspicious deaths in a snail monastery. Their investigation will make them touch their finger one of the mysteries of the origins of the world. Annex 1: The errata of the basic book.AnExE 2: The summary of peoples.
Theme(s) FantasticAdventureMiddle EastAntiquity
Language(s) French
Author(s) Raphael BardasFrançois Cedelle
Editor Studio Deadcrows

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