W40K : Imperial Knights - Knights Dominus


This plastic kit allows you to build 1 Dominus Class Knight.
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Dominus-class Knights are among the greatest Knights available to the household. These walking fortresses march inexorably into battle, equipped with weapons capable of destroying entire armies, while enemy fire bounces off their ion shields with ease. The Castellan Knight's dual plasma reactor powers a truly frightening weapons system, making it a veritable mobile artillery battery. Its fearsome plasma decimator can rip the heart out of an enemy army, while the firepower of its Volcano lance is comparable to that of an Imperial Navy ship.

This plastic kit allows you to build 1 Castellan Knight, a titanic choice of Battle Lord designed for long-range combat for your Imperial Knight army - or a wandering Sans-fief for other Imperium forces. This super-heavyweight walker is armed with a powerful plasma decimator, an armor-melting volcano spear, and a wide range of spindles, missiles, and Shieldbreaker shell cannons. The Castellan Knight is a fantastic paint scheme and centerpiece, and offers a wide range of poses, faceplates and armor pieces allowing you to create a truly unique war machine. This kit can also be assembled as a Knight Valiant, or as a Knight Tyrant for the Knights of Chaos.

This kit consists of 172 plastic parts, and comes with a 170mm oval Citadel base. It also includes a sheet of Dominus decals representing the heraldry of the Imperial Knights. This figure comes unpainted and requires assembly
Language(s) French
Theme Futuriste/SF
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Material Plastic
Editor Games workshop

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