Zoo Goal


Zoo Goal is a reinterpretation of the battle game.

  • French
  • From 7 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 player(s)

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Choose your team and challenge your opponent!

5 teams with different characteristics to compete on the soccer field.

Game Principle

Choose your card well at each turn in this battle, to score a maximum of goals!

How the game works

The ball token is placed in the center of the soccer field, made of 7 cards.

Each player chooses his team among the 5 available.

At each turn, the 2 players each select a card among the 3 they have in hand and reveal them simultaneously. The player with the highest value moves the ball one space towards the opponent's goal until a goal is scored. In case of a tie, or if one of the players plays a referee, the ball does not move.

How do you win?

The player who scores the most goals wins the game.

Theme(s) SportsAnimals
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) Cards
Author(s) Francesco Berardi
Artist Massimo Di Leo
Editor Clementoni

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