Loyalty points, how does it work?

Explanatory of the system of points of loyalty

Loyalty points, why?

To thank you for your support and to reward you, we have set up a loyalty point system.

With each purchase (except for products subject to the law of the single book price) you earn loyalty points. Once you have reached the required amount, you can convert these loyalty points in euros for a purchase on our website.

How do I earn points?

The points you can earn are indicated under each item (except product subject to the law of the single book price) and on your order summary, and are awarded according to the following 3 criteria:

  • Each item earns points, the amount depends on its status: normal product, red price or flash sale.
  • Based on the total of your order, additional points will be also awarded.
  • A pre-order product may also make a loyalty points bonus.

These points will be finally allocated during the expedition of your order .

How do I spend the points I earned?

After each order, your points total increases and you can consult it in your account in the "My loyalty points" section.

From 200 points, these loyalty points can be converted into a voucher you can use when you place a future order.

Each loyalty point is currently worth 0.1 euro (or 10 euros for 100 points).

Please note that from September 1st, 2020 the loyalty points earned will have a life span of 1 year.


Scale of points earned by product purchased

  • 6 points per 10 € * for a product in normal price
  • 3 points per 10 € * for a red price or flash sale product

* rounded down to the nearest whole number

Scale of points earned with the amount of your order

  • order of 80 euros -> 20 points
  • order of 100 euros -> 40 points
  • order of 140 euros -> 60 points
  • order of 200 euros -> 100 points
  • order of 300 euros -> 180 points

Particular case of holders of a systematic discount (toy library, associations and others)

Only the total amount of your order and pre-orders will be subject to the points allocation.

For pre-orders, depending on the product.

For the total amount of your order, according to the following scale :

  • order of 80 euros -> 10 points
  • order of 100 euros -> 20 points
  • order of 140 euros -> 30 points
  • order of 200 euros -> 50 points
  • order of 300 euros -> 90 points

Particular case of products submitted to the law of the single book price

In accordance with the regulations on the single book price (law n° 81-766 of Agust 10th, 1981), the puchase of books (french version, english version or PDF version) does not entitle you to loyalty points.

Can I earn points on shipping costs?

No, you cannot. In calculating the points earned, shipping costs are excluded.

Can I earn points when using loyalty points, coupons or gift vouchers?

Yes, an order using loyalty points, coupons or gift vouchers will also be rewarded with loyalty points corresponding to the final amount (after using the points or the gift voucher). The calculation will be prorated according to the use of these points.

Terms of Use

  • Loyalty points can be used on all products, including those already discounted.
  • Points may not be used for anything else than a voucher.
  • Points cannot be transferred to another customer account.
  • Points are awarded upon receipt of your order and will be deducted in the event of cancelled orders.
  • The loyalty system on the amount of each product is not combined with systematic discounts.
  • Vouchers issued with loyalty points are valid for 1 year.

Any issue?

For questions about our Loyalty Points Program, contact us stating your problem.

*See our Shipping Conditions

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