Join the Philibert affiliate program

What is affiliation?

Affiliation is a way for you to monetize the Philibert links you share on your site, blog, youtube channel.
When you are an affiliate, you are paid by a commission on sales generated from affiliate links.

Why should you affiliate to our program?

Philibert has decided to launch the affiliate program to give bloggers and creators of game-related content an opportunity to be remunerated for their involvement. Whether you have been on our side for several years or are running a brand new blog, we want to support you in order to share our common passion. Keep animating your blogs or sites in the same way, with the same freedom, don't change anything! It is for who you are that your readers follow you. We will not interfere with your content, you can continue to dislike games and say so!

Procedure to follow

  1. Create an account on Affilae and then go to this address to join our program: https://affilae.com/en/affiliate-program-philibert
  2. Once your request has been validated, access your account and generate your own affiliate links and banners. Broadcast them freely on your YouTube site/channel and/or social networks.
  3. Get 5% of the amount of each sale generated on our online store from one of your affiliate links (excluding taxes and shipping fees). This amount is shared by all affiliates involved in the sale*.
  4. As soon as the €20 commission amount has been reached, you can send us a payment request from your Affilae account.

* In order to fairly reward all affiliates who have contributed to the sales process, we have decided to opt for a commission sharing.
When several affiliates are involved in a sale, commissions are shared according to their respective "weights". We want to promote sites that offer quality content and that contribute to bringing our passion for gaming to life. Bloggers and other creators of game-related content will therefore have a higher weight than sites with promotional codes, retargeting, cashback, etc....

Terms and conditions

- The commission rate is set at 5% of the amount excluding taxes and shipping costs of the associated order (amount shared by the affiliates involved in the buyer's process).
- An order is associated with you if the purchase was made within 7 days after a click.
- The commission is validated when the order is shipped. However, there is a delay between the validation of a commission and the time at which it can be invoiced; this delay is linked to the customer's right of retractation.
- Cancelled orders cannot be remunerated.
- The minimum commission payment amount is set at €50.
- Self-affiliation is prohibited. Affiliated sites are not allowed to use their own affiliate links to place orders on Philibert's online store.

Philibert reserves the right to terminate an affiliate partnership if the affiliate site is not compatible with its values.

Do you have a question?
For any further information about our affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*See our Shipping Conditions