Army Painter Colour Chart

Nuancier Army Painter

Choose your paint more easily. Find all the colours and choices in the Army painter Colour Chart

Army Painter Acrylic Colour Chart

Warpaints are made with heavy pigments and a creamy consistency, allowing for optimal coverage and application. The extreme fineness of the pigments in Warpaints makes them perfect for use with airbrushes as well as standard brushes.

Pot sold by the unit : 2,75 €


Matt Black
Hardened Carapace
Dark Stone
Cultist Robe
Field Grey
Castle Grey
Dungeon Grey
Uniform Grey
Ash Grey
Stone Golem
Spaceship Exterior
Brainmatter Beige
Matt White
Kobold Skin
Hemp Rope
Crusted Sore
Orc Blood
Grimoire Purple
Warlock Purple
Wasteland Soil
Desert Yellow
Fur Brown
Skeleton Bone
Barbarian Flesh
Tanned Flesh
Basilisk Brown
Centaur Skin
Corpse Pale
Elven Flesh
Mummy Robes
Troll Claws
Pixie Pink
Scar Tissue
Mutant Hue
Toxic Boils
Oozing Purple
Alien Purple
Chaotic Red
Abomination Gore
Vampire Red
Dragon Red
Pure Red
Mars Red
Lava Orange
Mythical Orange
Fire Lizard
Daemonic Yellow
Babe Blond
Moon Dust
Arid Earth
Witch Brew
Poisonous Cloud
Jungle Green
Snake Scales
Goblin Green
Filthy Cape
Army Green
Commando Green
Venom Wyrm
Crypt Wraith
Angel Green
Elf Green
Mouldy Clothes
Scaly Hide
Necrotic Flesh
Drake Tooth
Deep Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Viking Blue
Crystal Blue
Troglodyte Blue
Voidshield Blue
Toxic Mist
Royal Cloak
Hydra Turquoise
Wizards Orb
Elemental Bolt
Kraken Skin
Griffon Blue
Electric Blue
Ice Storm
Gorgon Hide
Fog Grey
Wolf Grey
Dark Sky
Oak Brown
Monster Brown
Dirt Spatter
Werewolf Fur
Leather Brown

Army Painter Inks

Quickshade Washes allow you to create depth and shadow effects, add a tint of colour and achieve perfect shading on your figures in one quick application.

Pot sold by the unit : 2,95 €


Military Shader
Green Tone
Purple Tone
Blue Tone
Dark Tone
Strong Tone
Soft Tone
Red Tone
Flesh Wash
Mid Brown
Light Tone
Disgusting Slime

Army Painter Speedpaint colour chart

The Speedpaint range, allows you to make painting figures easier and faster! Simply apply a coat of this highly saturated, specially formulated paint to your miniature and you'll see vibrant colours, realistic shadows and easy highlights before your eyes. Speedpaint is for beginners as well as experienced painters who want to paint their figures and get them on the table quickly!

Pot sold by unit : 3,50 €


Camo Cloak
Hardened Leather
Cloudburst Blue
Purple Alchemy
Sand Golem
Plasmatic Bolt
Hive Dweller Purple
Fire Giant Orange
Runic Grey
Highlord Blue
Magic Blue
Slaughter Red
Zealot Yellow
Malignant Green
Blood Red
Orc Skin
Absolution Green
Pallid Bone
Dark Wood
Crusader Skin
Holy White
Gravelord Grey
Grim Black

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