FAQ Marketplace Philibert


How do identify a Marketplace product?

A Marketplace product is easily identified by the words "Sold and shipped by [seller's name]" on the product description. You'll also find this notice in your shopping cart and order tracking.

What are the differences between a Marketplace product and a product sold by Philibert?

Marketplace products are sold and shipped by a third-party seller.
As such, they do not generate Phib'z, nor can you use gift vouchers, promotion codes or discount coupons on these products.

What about delivery and shipping costs?

Each seller on the Marketplace is free to choose the carriers they offer, and to set the amount of shipping costs they charge. This is why delivery times and rates may vary from one seller to another.
If your order includes items from several sellers and/or Philibert, you will receive one delivery per seller, so shipping costs are added together.

Where can I have it delivered?

Each seller is free to choose the destinations to which he delivers its products. If your country is not included in the seller's list, you will unfortunately not be able to order their products.

We work closely with our sellers to offer them the possibility of delivering to as many destinations as possible, so don't hesitate to check from time to time whether delivery is available to your country.

Can I pick up or return my Marketplace order at the Philibert store in Strasbourg?

No, it is not possible to pick up your order in our Strasbourg boutique.
Similarly, you cannot return items to the Strasbourg boutique if your return request is accepted, as Marketplace sellers are independent of Philibert and work with their own inventory.

Why has my order been cancelled?

If a Marketplace seller does not validate your order within 2 working days, it is automatically cancelled.
Similarly, a Marketplace seller may refuse your order for any reason they consider valid. [Please note, however, that the seller's rating will be downgraded in order to prevent abuse].
Whatever the reason, if your order is cancelled, you will receive an e-mail to inform you and you will automatically be refunded the amount of the order.

How do I contact the seller?

You can contact the seller from the order page on your account.

What is Philibert's role?

Philibert acts as a trusted third party for orders placed with Marketplace sellers. Payment is made through Philibert and the Marketplace seller has no access to your bank details.
If necessary, Philibert customer service can act as an intermediary between you and the seller.

*See our Shipping Conditions