Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Enemy within Campaign Volume 4 : The Horned Rat Companion - Directors Cut


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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Enemy Within Campaign Volume 4: The Horned Rat Companion - Directors Cut is a supplement to enhance the Enemy Within campaign and develop The Horned Rat. It contains resources for GMs who use Skaven in their games.

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The perfect companion for your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay games!

This supplement contains:

  •     Additional information about the Skaven, their history and society, and the terrible God they worship.
  •     A huge selection of new equipment, spells, weapons and gear to equip your Skaven NPCs.
  •     New encounters in the city of Middenheim and in the Midlands, perfect for The Horned Rat or any other Skaven-centric campaign.
  •     A GM's guide to The Yellow Fang, an insidious cult that worships the Skaven and seeks to outdo them.
  •     A new career, Ironbreak, perfect for a rugged dwarf looking to take on the loathsome Ratmen in the tunnels beneath the Old World.
  •     Two classic adventures, revised and updated for the 4th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Horror in The Dark, with a terrifying encounter in a twisted mine, and A Little Help From My Friends, a kidnapping case that is beyond the ability of the greatest and smallest detective in all of Middenheim.
  •     The Return of the Gravelord: Everyone's favorite self-absorbed necromancer returns to harass the characters during the events of The Horned Rat. Is it paranoia if everyone is really after you?
Theme(s) MedievalFantastic
Language(s) English
Number of pages 126
Book cover Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-85744-361-8
Editor Cubicle 7

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