Armageddon War - Kickstarter Bundle


Armageddon War is a platoon level game set in the near future and focusing on the Mid-East.

  • English
  • From 14 years old
  • 1 to 2h
  • 1 to 2 player(s)

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Armageddon War is a platoon level game set in the near future and focusing on the Mid-East.

Armageddon War - Kickstarter Bundle includes Armageddon War, Burning Lands, Alone in the Desert, Armageddon War Strategy Guide, The 600, and Formation Cards.

Armageddon War pits Israelis, Russians, and Americans against age-old adversaries. There are no turns, just continuous activations. The intensity of a unit's close combat modifier is determined not only by its weapons but also by the tactics you choose to use for the assault or defense, and when you fire on a unit, it has the option of taking cover, or returning fire. The number of dice and the color of dice rolled, determine the number of hits. Formations are activated by chit draw (nothing new there), but returned to the draw cup not at the end of a turn, but rather in a continuous manner. When chosen, a formation marker is placed on the activation track, to the right of the last-drawn formation. When only one chit remains in the cup, the two leftmost chits are returned to the draw cup. Simple, continuous.

Burning Lands is a complete expansion for Armageddon War. It features a full-sized (22" x 33") mounted map board that loosely replicates the north-western corner of Jordan (just south of the Golan heights), a full sheet of counters that features the Hezbollah and Jordanian military, and a full color rules and scenario book with six scenarios. This map is MUCH different from the two maps that ship with the base game, providing a constricted, hilly, heavily wooded terrain to fight in. Perfect for ambushes. Perfect for leveling the technological playing field.

Alone in the Desert includes rules for playing Armageddon War solitaire, six solitaire scenarios in a loose campaign, counters and cards.

Armageddon War Strategy Guide is a full-color, 16-page strategy guide and example of play that will teach you how to be a better Armageddon War player.

The 600 is a complete, six-scenario campaign in which the results of one scenario not only impacts the forces available for the next but also the scenario to be played. One-player will take the side of an American Task Force driving into enemy territory to relieve a beleaguered Israeli strike team, while the other side plays the Arab forces aligned against the Americans.

Formation cards are cool-looking cards that have all the formation information that you need at your fingertips.

Theme(s) Middle EastWar
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) WargameConfrontation
Author(s) Greg Porter
Editor Flying Pig Games

Armageddon War:

  • Two mounted 22" x 33" full-color game boards
  • Five sheets of die-cut 1" counters
  • Full-color rules and scenario book, including 16 scenarios
  • Player Aid Cards
  • 18 colored dice

Burning Lands:

  • One mounted 22" x 33" full-color game board
  • One sheet of die-cut 1" counters
  • Full-color scenario and rules booklet with six scenarios

Alone in the Desert:

  • One sheet of die-cut 1" counters
  • Full-color rules and scenario booklet with six scenarios
  • One deck of action cards

Strategy Guide:

  • One 16-page booklet

The 600:

  • One 8-page booklet

Formation cards :

  • 23 Formation cards

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