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Iron Kingdoms Requiem – Monstronomicon Grand Ver


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Iron Kingdoms Requiem – Monstronomicon Grand Ver is a supplement to Iron Kingdoms Requiem.

  • French

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Before the advent of industry and machines, the Steel Kingdoms were defined by their monstrous fauna.

In the Steel Kingdoms, danger lurks in every corner. Big or small, ferocious and terrifying, the creatures of Western Immoren prey on unwary travelers, or reserve for them a fate worse than death.

Wild packs of hungry terrier maugs; ghostly, murderous necromancers who haunt forgotten byways and cemeteries; diabolical infernals who thrive among the shadows: the Monstronomicon is full of ordinary and extraordinary creatures that will test even the most seasoned of adventurers.

For the first time in its 20-year history, this legendary tome welcomes over 120 monsters past and present designed explicitly for the 5ᵉ edition rules.

The cover of the Iron Kingdoms Requiem – Monstronomicon Grand Ver is an alternative cover exclusive to the French version. The inside of the book is the same for all editions.

Theme(s) MedievalFantastic
Language(s) French
Number of pages 176
Book cover Hardcover
Editor Agate RPG

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