Warhammer 40000 : Les Fantômes de Gaunt - La Victoire (Première Partie)


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These two novels and four short stories throw the Ghosts back into danger and will prepare you nicely for The Warlord and The Anarch.
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A Ghost of Gaunt omnibus

The Sabbat Worlds Crusade has reached a stalemate, calling for drastic action. Can an enemy agent who has turned his back help the Ghosts of Gaunt break the stalemate and bring victory to the Imperium?

These two novels and four short stories throw the Ghosts back into danger and will prepare you nicely for The Warlord and The Anarch.

The First and Only has been pulled from the front lines to enjoy a well-deserved rest. However, an enemy prisoner wants to betray his Blood Pact masters... but he will only talk to Colonel-Commissioner Ibram Gaunt. What exactly does he know? Gaunt must discover the truth and counter the threat to the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. As a result, Gaunt's ghosts, who have been away from the front lines for too long, are given a mission perfectly suited to their talents. Their objective: Salvation's Reach, a mysterious space station that contains information that could change the outcome of the war. The mission is more than dangerous, almost desperate, and some even consider it a real suicide. Haunted by the ghosts of his past, and with the forces of the arch-enemy at his heels, Colonel-Commissioner Gaunt will have to lead his men on their most glorious mission, but one that may well be their last...

Written by Dan Abnett

  • The Blood Pact
  • Mission: Salvation's Reach
  • Family
  • You Never Know
  • Ghosts and Evil Shadows
  • Killbox
Language(s) French
Author(s) Dan Abnett
Theme Futuriste/SF
Editor Games workshop

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