Call Me Cthulhu


Call Me Cthulhu is a new version of the Nosferatu game, with an extra strategic dimension!

  • French
  • From 8 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 5 to 8 player(s)

15,90 €


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The worshippers of a monstrous entity hold unspeakable ceremonies to invoke their idol and enslave humanity.

To foil their plan, Professor Armitage enlists the help of an adventurer to infiltrate the cultists and steal their cursed books.

Call Me Cthulhu is a hidden role team game based on the mechanics of the famous Nosferatu.

This time, the good guys become the bad guys, and vice versa!

Call Me Cthulhu brings the same sensations as Nosferatu, but reveals an additional strategic dimension. The games often lead the cultists to make a fundamental choice, much more marked than in Nosferatu: try to eliminate the infiltrator, at the risk of making a mistake, or count on the possibility of bringing his mental health to zero by invoking the most powerful creatures?

Those who are used to Nosferatu will also appreciate, with Call Me Cthulhu, the possibility to summon new creatures at each game. Another fundamental difference, which only the game experience reveals: as much as in Nosferatu, vampire hunters never have an interest in lying, as they could only deceive their allies, in Call Me Cthulhu, the system of Portals and Signs of the Ancients can lead a cultist to hide information, or even lie, to prevent the infiltrator from thwarting their plans.


- 8 Role Tiles
- 1 Kriss Tile
- 1 Game Board
- 1 Mental Health Marker
- 5 Book Tiles
- 100 Cards
- 1 Game Rule

Theme(s) Fantastic
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) RoleBluff
Author(s) Pierre-Yves Lebeau
Artist Vincent Burger
Editor L'Imprévue

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