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Age of Sigmar : Orruk Warclans - Hobgrot Slittaz


This nesting kit consists of 98 pieces, with which to assemble twenty Hobgrots

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Hobgrots are deviant and malevolent allies of the Kruelboyz. They are the bartering agents of Orruk society, acting as middlemen between the greenskins and the Hashut-worshipping duardins, letting each side believe that they are working in its interest.

In battle, these grots are tougher and smarter than their smaller cousins, and surprisingly well-versed in military tactics. Exceptionally dexterous, armed with sharp kegorj' knives and sulfur grenades, they make very effective skirmish units - when they stop stabbing each other in the back. 

This nesting kit consists of 98 pieces, with which to assemble twenty Hobgrots armed with Kegorj' knives and equipped with grenades and armor purchased from the merchants of the shop. The kit provides multiple assembly options, with various heads. 

This kit includes options to assemble two units of 10 Hobgrots, each with choices of different bosses, Totem Holders and Tappers, or one unit of 20 Hobgrots. This kit comes with 20x 25mm round Citadel bases. These figures come unpainted and require assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paint.
Theme Fantasy
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Material Plastic
Editor Games workshop

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