The Horus Heresy - Liber Astartes - Livre d'Armée Legiones Astartes Renégates


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This book is an essential guide for anyone wishing to command a force of the Renegade Astartes Legions in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy,
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The Space Marine Legions of the 31st Millennium field a diverse and formidable array of genetically enhanced warriors and sophisticated war machines, superior to any other military force in the galaxy. As a Dark Age veils the stars and the conflagration of rebellion spirals out of control, the armies that served to forge the Imperium turn on each other in an apocalyptic civil war, the Heresy of Horus.

Of the eighteen Legions of Space Marines, half have reneged on their oaths. Rebellious followers of the Warlord, these Space Marines mobilize to overthrow the Emperor and take the throne-world of Terra. In the turmoil of the Horus Heresy, the armies of the Renegades display power and ambition inconceivable to mortals, waging bitter war against their former brothers, those who cling to their oaths and remain loyal to the Emperor. The determination and fury of these rebel warriors will decide the fate of the Imperium, and of all humanity.

This book is an essential guide for anyone wishing to command a force of the Renegade Astartes Legions in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, and contains all the necessary rules for all the units and formations available to the Renegade forces, from the basic units and equipment common to all Space Marine Legions to the rules specific to each of the Renegade Legions, including War Rites, unique equipment, iconic units, and the legendary Primarchs.

In this 352-page hardcover book you'll find
  • Rules and unit profiles covering all units, weapons, and equipment available to the Renegade Astartes Legions in Warhammer: The Horus Heresy
  • Legion-specific special rules, including Warlord Traits, Reactions, War Rites, equipment, unit profiles, and unique characters for each Renegade Legion: Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, World Eaters, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Sons of Horus, Word Bearers, and Alpha Legion
  • Profiles of all Renegade Primarchs: Fulgrim, Perturabo, Konrad Curze, Angron, Mortarion, Magnus the Red, Horus the Warlord, Lorgar Aurelian and Alpharius
  • An illustrated gallery of each Renegade Legion, with heraldic insignia, color schemes for infantry and vehicles, plus a small gallery of stunning miniature photographs

To use the contents of this book, you need a copy of the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy - The Dark Ages rulebook.
Language(s) French
Theme Futuriste/SF
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Material Carton
Editor Games workshop

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