W40K : Les Arches Fatidiques - Abaddon


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Striking one world after another, the Arks unleash new conflicts wherever they cast their shadow. Humans, xenos, and even Abaddon's heretical rivals resist these nightmarish war fleets
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The Great Rift has split the Emperor's domain in two. Ancient alien empires rise from the ashes of prehistory to prey on the dying stars. Nightmarish predators stir in the outer darkness, while everywhere the veil of reality weakens and the flames of war rise. Day by day, battle by battle, the galaxy is leaning more and more towards total annihilation.

Amidst the growing anarchy and prophecies of final annihilation stand those who refuse this eternal darkness and seek to wrest victory for their own sake. The greatest of all is Abaddon the Scourge. After forging an alliance with a terrifying new ally, he unleashes the Fatidic Arks and their ravenous Funesteflottes upon Imperium Sanctus and Imperium Nihilus...

Striking one world after another, the Arks unleash new conflicts wherever they cast their shadow. Humans, xenos, and even Abaddon's heretical rivals resist these nightmarish war fleets wherever they can. But these Fatidic Arch assaults conceal a darker, more insidious purpose, and time is running out...

In this 88-page hardcover book, you'll find:

  • The continuation of the Warhammer 40,000 story, including the coming of a new power dedicated to the Dark Gods. Striking illustrations and thrilling stories set the stage for the Fatidic Arches series
  • A stunning gallery of miniatures, including scenes of violent boarding actions
  • Complete rules for playing your own Boarding Action games, including how to lay out the battlefield, modified rules for visibility, cover and more
  • New actions for Boarding Actions, such as Secure Site, Go on Alert, Prepare Defense and Activate Hatch
  • Rules for assembling a Boarding Patrol and attacking enemy forces in cramped corridors
  • Universal Stratagems exclusive to Boarding Actions and new Optimizations to prepare your Warlords to fight for every hatch and corridor
  • Nine Boarding Action missions with unique objectives and terrain maps to bring your battles to life

With this book, you'll also receive a code to unlock The Fatidic Arks: Abaddon in Warhammer 40,000: The App.

You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book to use the contents of this book.
Language(s) French
Theme Futuriste/SF
Product Type Rules/Games
Material Carton
Editor Games workshop

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