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Root - Le Jeu de rôle : Pérégrins & Horsains


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Root - The Roleplaying Game: Peregrines & Horsains is a supplement to Root - The Roleplaying Game.
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A fantasy role-playing game in the world of Root

New faces on the paths of the Forest! As the war rages on, new factions take an interest in the Forest's resources. The River Company is sending out its ships, the Lizard Cult is proselytizing, the Grand Duchy is digging tunnels to seize new territories, and the Corvid Conspiracy is out to empty the pockets of the gullible. Who are these new factions? And what do they have in store for the Forest?

He adds the first four factions from the expansions! Here's what you'll find in this book: ten new character booklets offering new types of wanderers to interpret (pirates, raiders, heretics, storytellers and more). Four new factions to add to your campaigns: the River Company, the Lizard Cult, the Grand Duchy and the Corvid Conspiracy.

Dozens of new aspects and maneuvers, including martial skills, rogue tricks, natures, motivations, relationships, equipment aspects and predefined gear. A robust faction phase system that brings the game world to life, letting all the protagonists of the war seize buildings, build edifices and intrigue throughout the Forest. Two new glades, Cœurbois and the Drosera Bend, for adventures involving the new factions and the conflicts between them.

Requires the core book to be played.

Theme(s) MedievalFantasticAnimals
Language(s) French
Artist Kyle Ferrin
Editor Matagot

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