Starfinder : Cartes d'Echecs Critiques


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Critical Chess Cards for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game allow the GM to add a catastrophic aspect to failed dice rolls

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Cards to spice up critical fails

Do you want to add a sense of danger or impending doom to your Starfinder games when attack rolls fall woefully short? Do you want critical failures on spells to trap the caster in ectoplasmic mucus? Or do you think that throwing the pin instead of the grenade is hilarious?

When you get 1 on an attack, simply draw a card and apply one of four different effects depending on the type of attack. These cards are intended to complement the Starfinder roleplay and can be used by both players and GMs. 

It's never been so much fun to lose badly!
System d20 System (Pathfinder)
Editor Black Book

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