Age of Sigmar : Sylvaneth - Spiterider Lancers


This plastic kit assembles three Spiteriders Lancers, sylvan spirits mounted on insectoid dragonlets.
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The Coursefiel Lancers are the elite cavalry of Alarielle. They ride agile dragon-flyers, their bodies humming with the energy of Life. Taming one of these ancient chitinous predators is a quest in itself; their spectral sylvan riders flit and twirl across the battlefield before suddenly swooping down to charge and smash into enemy lines with violence. The Eternal Queen's enemies have nowhere to hide when the Coursefiel Lancers emerge from the valleys.

This plastic kit assembles three Coursefiel Lancers, sylvan spirits mounted on insectoid dragonlets. Wearing horned knight's helmets and carrying long magical spears, these elite riders can travel incredible distances to lead a devastating charge, and are imbued with life-giving energy that heals even the most severe wounds. One Coursefiel Lancer can be assembled into a unit leader called a Coursefiel Scion, another into a Standard Bearer, and another into a Hornhorn. The kit includes different shield designs, heads, and assembly options for each dragon follower, as well as a choice of two instruments for the musician, so no two units will ever be identical. This set can be alternatively assembled into Revenant Veneurs.

This kit consists of 82 plastic parts, and comes with 3x Citadel Steering Wheel Rods and 60mm Steering Wheel Bases. These figures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
Language(s) French
Theme Fantasy
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Material Plastic
Editor Games workshop

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