1914 Nach Paris


1914: Nach Paris is a wargame on the strategic scale of the fighting on the Western Front at the opening of the First World War, from August 2 to September 14, 1914, from the Battle of the Frontiers to the Battle of the Marne, all subdivided into numerous scenarios or playable in large campaigns.

  • English
  • From 14 years old
  • 4h and more
  • 2 player(s)

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An operational simulation of the first great confrontations of the Great War.

In August 1914, many Frenchmen were proud to fight for Freedom, against autocracy and pangermanism. Germans and French were sure of victory, the former saw themselves soon in Paris and the latter in Berlin, all knew the price of duty.

The vast majority of the soldiers mobilized in August 1914 thought that the conflict would be over quickly and that they would return home at the latest for the harvest. It was with fervor and conviction that all of them took the "flower with the gun" to the battlefield. During the battles of the borders and the Marne, the losses amounted to more than 1,128,000 men of all nationalities, of which approximately 293,000 were killed.

  •         Were there strategic errors?
  •         Was there a poor assessment of the forces involved?
  •         Was there serious military incompetence on both sides?
  •         Or was it the macabre result of a brutal confrontation between two heavily armed military blocs?

With 1914 Nach Paris, you can try to find the answer to these questions.

The finely modeled units of the belligerents, a precise and representative topography of the theater of operations and of the various fortified obstacles, the precision of the chronology of the disposition of the troops and very detailed logistic networks have been the object of historical research to faithfully simulate the first great confrontations of the Great War.

The Grand Scenario allows players on a relatively large front and for a longer period of time to test strategic engagements with a very high degree of command autonomy, the total duration of the game is approximately 27 hours.

Several shorter scenarios of varying size and duration (some playable in one evening) are also included, such as the Assault on Liege or the Battle of the Meuse.

  •         Four map sheets (2x full size, 2x half size) for a total playing area of approximately 1.3 x 1.05 m
  •         Two large folding game aids
  •         Approximately 1,000 large counters
  •         350 smaller markers
  •         8 small stand-alone cards for small scenarios
  •         English rulebook with numerous diagrams and game examples (French booklet available for download)
  •         A 36-page scenario booklet in English with 12 scenarios and a complete 15-page game example (downloadable in French)
  •         Numerous deployment sheets
Theme(s) War
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) Wargame
Author(s) Bertrand Munier
Editor VUCA Simulations

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