Défis Nature Escape - Légendes et Mythologies


Two investigations to solve thanks to the included Nature Challenge cards. To do this, you'll have to study the cards in great detail to find clues, similarities, and surprising information and use them to solve the puzzles!
  • French
  • From 7 years old
  • 30mn to 1h
  • 1 to 3 player(s)

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Try to solve the two captivating investigations and discover the legends and mythologies of our world!

Study the Nature Challenge cards in great detail to find clues, similarities and surprising information to solve the puzzles and advance your investigation! So, are you ready to take on the challenge with Nature Escape Challenges - Legends and Mythologies?

To continue playing with your game, Bioviva has thought of everything! Several investigation sheets made of resistant paper are included in the game, as well as a pencil with a light lead to easily erase your notes, perfect for lending the game to friends or even for playing it again later! 1 complete set of Nature Challenges cards is included!

To solve the first investigation, players take the "Investigation 1" booklet and read the introduction. They then go to the indicated page and can start the adventure!
Players can start a stopwatch to measure the time it takes them to solve the case, but it is not mandatory! They can also play without worrying about time... the important thing is not to race, but to have fun!

On each page of the booklet there is a riddle to solve in order to advance in the investigation. Games and puzzles are the order of the day! Players must carefully observe the Nature Challenge cards to find the clues. This will allow them to get the next page number to continue their mission.  

The game ends when players have reached the "Mission Accomplished!" page. The timer can then be stopped.

The second survey is played in the same way as the first. Each investigation has its own booklet.

    In the "Well-Kept Secrets..." investigation, the children go in search of the origins of the legends. For example, the legend of dragons was born following the discovery of dinosaur bones. Vampires, cyclops, unicorns... will the players be able to uncover the real facts behind many legends? The players go to the forest of Broceliande to immerse themselves in the enchanted atmosphere of the legends and try to solve their investigation!

    The "Blue Dream" investigation takes children to Paris to explore museums in search of clues about mythology. What did Oedipus do to defeat the Sphinx? Why did the Egyptian god Ra replace his head with that of a falcon? Is the axe of Ganesh really used to wound? Many mythologies are based on violence, but let's also look for those that amaze. In this game of investigation, players go in search of the positive values that can be found in mythologies!

Playing Nature Escape Challenges - Legends and Mythologies is also an eco-responsible choice because :

  •     it is printed with vegetable-based inks
  •     the paper and cardboard used in this game are FSC certified
  •     its format has been optimized so as not to use unnecessary materials
  •     Nature Escape - Legends & Mythologies does not contain batteries
  •     its box is closed with a sticker, which avoids the use of plastic packaging

Theme(s) FolkloreMythology
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) Co-operative CardsEscape Game
Editor Bioviva Editions
  • 2 survey booklets
  • 1 booklet of survey documents/rules
  • 36 Nature Challenges cards
  • 2 amulets
  • 1 pencil

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