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What does the "status" of my order?

To find out where your order is, a status is assigned. This status can be:

Order accepted : Your order has been recorded by our server and sent to our sales team. We put aside physically games for you. If you choose a payment method other than by credit card, we expect your payment.

Pre-order : Your order contains one or more pre-order which is due out later. Your entire order will be collected and sent upon arrival or games involved. Placing an order for pre-order a product allows a bonus loyalty points.

In treatment : Once your order is gathered, we proceed to the collection: validation of your card, check cashing ...

Send to depository : Once cashed, our shipping service sets this status to inform that he has taken your order. Your order will be packed in the day, if the carrier is not yet past.

Shipped : At the end of the day, our server looks all packages shipped in the day, and sends you the package number with your order. This status is normally the last status that will be assigned to your order.

Reliquat : One or more items in your order are not available. Missing items are removed from your original order and placed to a new order to send you the available items. The remaining products will not be cashed until shipped (unless an error, or a payment by check).

To ship : Your order, or any part you do not succeed, or has been damaged. Following an agreement with our sales department, the decision to return your order was taken.

Carrier incident : Your package will slow a bit to reach you. Following your request, we apply the statute in order to follow this issue on a daily basis.

Awaiting payment : We have registered your order, but we do not have your payment. Your products are sides and expect your payment to proceed with sending your package.

Paiement error : Upon validation of the transaction, your bank denies us the transaction.

Canceled : Your order has been canceled, either at your request or because the transaction is impossible.

Where is my order?

If your package has been shipped, you can follow his journey on the website of its carrier:

How is my order processed?

History of an order, hour after hour:

22h00. You just fill your cart and are ready to finalize your order. For payment, you are switched to the secure site of our partner CIC. Once your card number entered, CIC informs us that the payment was authorized. You will receive a confirmation email.

08h30. Depository personnel takes care of your order, and collects various items ordered. Once this group is, any missing games are required to store (4 km away).

10h00. A shuttle seeks missing games store. Your order is now complete!

13h00. Our commercial service receives your order confirming payment from CIC.

14h00. Depository personnel will print your voucher delivery and a shipping label.

15h00. After a final check, your order is packed.

17h00. The carrier supports your package. It will happen the day after the package relay or the next day at home.

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