La Marketplace Philibert

Are you opening a Marketplace? But why are you doing this?

There are several reasons why we open a Marketplace:

  • To give you access to the widest possible choice, which has always been our goal.
  • To offer you items that we wouldn't otherwise be able to sell.
  • To give access to the Philibert community to publishers who don't necessarily have a traditional distribution model.

But I don't like Marketplaces, they're a mess and you don't always know what you're buying...

When we do something at Philibert, we do it as well as we possibly can. So we're going to:

  • Select sellers for their reliability and the quality of their products. We'll also keep a close eye on the reliability of their shipments, and we'll be there if anything goes wrong.
  • Keep a close eye on the products they offer, to preserve the Philibert DNA you've come to appreciate over the years.
  • Maintain the principle of a single seller for each product: no endless stream of offers, some more reliable than others.
  • Maintain the quality of product information and visibility: we'll help our sellers create their product pages, to ensure uniformity and a website that's easy to navigate

We do all this because we want to preserve the quality of service that has made us what we are and earned us your trust.

So how does your Philibert Marketplace work?

Products sold by Marketplace sellers are easily identified by the words "Sold and shipped by [seller name]" on the item page.
No changes on your end. Simply add your products to the shopping cart, checkout and pay as usual.
Your order may include both products sold by Philibert, for delivery to the store in Strasbourg, to a relay point or to your home, and products sold by one or more Marketplace sellers, for delivery to your home or to a relay point.
Carrier options, delivery times and rates may vary from one seller to another.
If you have placed an order with several vendors, your order will be split into several baskets, one for each vendor.
Shipping costs are calculated by each seller and added up when checking out your final basket. You will receive an email confirming each shipment, as you will receive one parcel per seller.

What happens once I've received my order?

As with a conventional order, you have up to 14 days from the date of delivery of your order to exercise your right of withdrawal. If you have any questions or complaints about your order, please contact the relevant Marketplace seller via your customer account. Marketplace sellers should normally respond to your questions within two working days.
In the absence of a reply, or if a dispute persists, Philibert customer service will intervene.

*See our Shipping Conditions