Newton - Deluxe Edition


In Newton, players take on the role of a young scientist seeking to become one of the great geniuses of the period. To do so, they travel, study, work and build new tools.

  • French, English, Czesh, ...
  • From 14 years old
  • 1 to 2h
  • 1 to 4 player(s)

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Newton is brought to you in the new 2022 edition, which includes the Great Discoveries expansion!

Around the middle of the 17th century, with the advent of the scientific method, a period of great change began, called the scientific revolution. Many great scientists, with their theories and ideas, change our perception of the universe: Galileo Galilei, Copernicus, Kepler, Bacon and, most importantly, Sir Isaac Newton.

In Newton, players take on the role of a young scientist who wants to become one of the great geniuses of the period. To do so, they travel around Europe, visit universities and cities, study to discover new theories, build new tools and work to earn money.

The game is played in six rounds. Each round, each player plays five cards from his or her hand, with each card played allowing the player to perform one of the game's actions. An action has a variety of effects, depending on the symbols for that action visible on the board.

At the end of the turn, a player may take back all but one of the cards played. A card must remain on the board, which means that you give up an opportunity to perform that action, but also that the action will be performed with more force. Fortunately, you can acquire new cards that will allow you to perform more actions and with additional powers.

After six rounds, you calculate your final score, and the player with the most Victory Points wins.

Take part in the Scientific Revolution of the 18th century!

Each player takes on the role of a young scientist who must travel across Europe to study and follow the path laid out by the master Newton...

You have 6 rounds to deepen your knowledge. During your turn you can choose to work in order to accumulate the necessary funds for your research, experiment with your new theories, discover new cultures through visits to new cities, or attend classes and study the lessons of the greatest theoreticians.

The journey will be long and you will have to use all the resources available to you: measure your efforts wisely and constantly evaluate the best paths to follow to reach the end of your quest for knowledge!

There are many paths to take... will you surpass your masters and become the most eminent scientist of your Era?
Newton - Deluxe Edition includes the base game, its Great Dsicoveries expansion and the Robert Hooke and Stephen Hawking leader cards.
Theme(s) RenaissanceSciences
Language(s) FrenchCzeshEnglishItalian
Mechanism(s) CardsPlacementDraft
Author(s) Nestore MangoneSimone Luciani
Artist Klemens Franz
Editor Cranio Creations


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