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Let’s Summon Demons


Children in the neighborhood get bored quickly on Wednesday afternoons... Why not offer them an activity adapted to their age?

  • English
  • From 12 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 to 5 player(s)

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Can you summon the most powerful demons?

In Let's Summon Demons the neighborhood kids get bored on Wednesday afternoons... Why not offer them an age-appropriate activity? Summon demons! Sounds like fun: collect souls, recruit kids and animals from the neighborhood... but don't get too attached to your new friends because you'll have to sacrifice them quickly to summon some very nasty demons! Be the first to summon 3 demons while having 10 souls in your reserve to win the game. Immerse yourself in Steven Rhodes' hilarious and quirky retro world!

Whether you're building sadistic synergies with the "rotten" kids or sharing love with the "nice" kids, only the smartest (and luckiest!) player - the best demon summoner - will come out on top!

    1. Shuffle the Demon Pack and the Block Pack, and give each player a starting candle and a hand of 3 demons. Your goal is to summon these three little demons before your opponents beat you.

    2. At any given time, a rotating assortment of five cards will be available for purchase (for the low price of 3 soul tokens) by all players. This assortment is called THE BLOCK and it contains boys, girls and animals of all styles and strategies! Look for cards that combine with each other!

    3. Players take turns rolling the dice. If a player's acquired cards match the total rolled, then that card becomes active, often resulting in more soul tokens! More soul tokens means more BLOCK cards, which means more soul tokens. But for what purpose?

    4. Well, you can sacrifice - or rather discard - 3 of your cards to summon a demon! The most powerful card of all! When a player has summoned all 3 demons and has a balance of 10 souls, he is declared the ultimate demon summoner and the game is over! With all the variety offered between the 20 unique demons and the various Block decks, there is plenty of content to explore and master!

Theme(s) Horror
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) CollectionCardsAmbiance
Author(s) Ben Stoll
Artist Steven Rhodes
Editor Cryptozoic Entertainment

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