Infinity - Haqqislam - Fiday (Boarding Shotgun)


Blister containing a metal figure to be assembled and painted.

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Fiday ('those who are ready to sacrifice themselves') are the angels of destruction, the most fearsome of the Hassassin. Killing the powerful is easy, the difficulty is to do it without being killed. The threat of reprisals, the inevitable death of the assassin, is what really protects the rich and influential. And if the assassin was prepared to die? Then no man would be safe. This is where the real power of the Hassassin lies. 

The Fiday are chosen from among the fanatics of the Hassassin Society who show impressive faith, skill and steadfastness, but who lack the talent to teach others. A Hassassin capable of becoming an instructor, a Ragik, would never be called upon to make this sacrifice. Training a Fiday is a delicate undertaking, for it is not enough to end the life of an enemy. A Fiday is not just an assassin, but an executioner: he acts in public and sends a public message. One man is killed, thousands are terrorised and, if the Fiday is caught, he will die a heroic death. The Fiday strives to win the admiration of all who witness the act, thus gaining more supporters and sympathisers for the Secret Society of Assassins. 

The Fiday are experts in the use and concealment of weapons, advanced secure communication systems, deep infiltration into enemy territory, disguise, impersonation, tracking and many other covert techniques. Their uniforms are equipped with real-time holographic mimicry and masking systems, including a computer that generates immersion effects in the environment to enhance the verisimilitude of their appearance and thus facilitate their mission. The Fiday are exceptional men and women in that their belief in a paradise won through the accomplishment of their mission makes them ready to face certain death.
Expansion for Infinty
Theme Futuriste/SF
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Editor Corvus Belli

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