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W40K : Chaos Space Marines - Dark Commune


This plastic kit assembles the five figures of a Dark Communion: a Cult Demagogue, an Iconarch, a Mentasorcier and two Blessed Blades.

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The Dark Communions are the evil agents at the head of each Chaos Cult, led by a Cult Demagogue who preaches pernicious sermons promising power to his flock. These infernal priests lead a retinue of devoted followers: the fanatical Blessed Blades, charged with protecting them; the Iconarchs, bearers of vibrant symbols of evil power; and the Mentasorciers, unsworn psykers whose powers come at a terrible cost.

This plastic kit assembles the five figures of a Dark Communion: a Cult Demagogue, an Iconarch, a Mentasorcier and two Blessed Blades. The members of this demented cabal wear dark robes, talismans, and demonic masks reminiscent of their Chaos Cultist followers. But the appearance of each clearly indicates their role. The Demagogue of the Cult wears a large horned mask and shoulder pads and wields a staff topped with strips of parchment and an infamous familiar, while the Iconarch holds a demonic icon bathed in flames, his face hidden by a hood. Both sport tentacles, but the Mentasorcier is by far the most disturbing: a severed, bloated head is cybernetically linked to the body of a hooded cultist. The faceless Blessed Blades each wield an ornate ritual sword and stand ready to protect the Communion.

This set includes 13 components and comes with 3 Citadel 32mm round bases and 2 Citadel 28mm round bases. These figures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
Theme Futuriste/SF
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Editor Games workshop

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