Détective - Batman : Tout n'est que Mensonge


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Detective - Batman: It's All a Lie is a cooperative, narrative game in which you are recruited by Jim Gordon™ to investigate cases that the Gotham City™ Police Department (GCPD) cannot solve alone.
  • French
  • From 14 years old
  • 2 to 3h
  • 1 to 5 player(s)

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Bring the Detective game system to the Batman universe!

Criminals are both superstitious and cowardly. They murder without debasing themselves, which makes them frighteningly powerful. Every day, voices are silenced. Greed and corruption run through the veins of the civil authorities, and yet we stand by. We smile and vote for what we have always known. Every day a new lie is peddled. Gotham City's plight is only a reflection of the citizens who reside there: citizens raised by the city, molded by intimidating crime lords into sycophant haves and oppressive elites. Those who have so long been superstitious and cowardly have become hardened to fear, to kindness, to honesty. And finally, that simple lie we all tell ourselves is to believe that a symbol will save us. - Warren Spacey, Gotham City™ Gazette

In Detective - Batman: It's All a Lie, you play as one of four characters on offer: the brutal detective, Harvey Bullock; the passionate young reporter, Vicki Vale; the disillusioned veteran turned journalist, Warren Spacey; or the most popular cunning burglar, Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

Each episode challenges you to work with other players while trying to accomplish your own character's personal goals. You'll roam all over Gotham City, from the grim underbelly to the bustling offices of the Gotham City Gazette. Take as much time as you need, but don't forget that Gotham City is home to the world's greatest detective...

At the end of each episode, you'll have to fill out a final report and will be judged on the time you've spent and the secrets you've uncovered.

- An investigation game for fans of the Batman universe
- A set of 4 investigations of increasing difficulty
- An exciting narrative that will make us meet the emblematic characters of the universe

Internet access is required to play this game.
Theme(s) Comic BookSuperhéros
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) Co-operative ScenarioDeduction
Author(s) Weronika SpyraIgnacy Trzewiczek
Artist Maciej SimińskiHanna Kuik
Editor Iello
  • 4 Track packs (85 cards in total)
  • 1 Scene deck (31 cards)
  • 1 pack of Personal Goals (27 cards)
  • 16 introductions (divided into 4 envelopes marked #00, #01, #02, #03)
  • 1 game board
  • 8 Location tiles
  • 4 Character tiles (with Informants on the back)
  • 1 Investigation token
  • 1 Location token
  • 3 Access tokens : Authorities , Batman , Nether
  • 4 Character tokens: Bullock , Catwoman , Spacey , Vale
  • 10 Evidence tokens
  • 1 rulebook

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