Demain Tu M'as Tué


Demain Tu M'as Tué is an abstract narrative game about time and murder that introduces new scenarios with unique rules and components as you play.

  • French
  • From 14 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 player(s)

44,90 €

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You and your opponent are rival time travelers trying to erase each other from history!

To prove that you are the only true inventor of time travel, you must use your invention to find your enemy in time and assassinate him - before he catches you!

Unfortunately, since your enemy has scattered many copies of himself across the timeline, you may have to perform this terrible deed many times before it is effective. Just make sure you don't get deleted first!

Demain Tu M'as Tué is an abstract narrative game about time and murder that introduces new scenarios with unique rules and components as you play. As with any game about having fun in time, you must play this content in a strict, unalterable order.

To begin, place three game boards in a row to represent the past, present and future. Each player starts with a player counter in the same place on each 4x4 board, with the starting player having his counter in the past while the other has it in the future.

On a turn, you choose a single copy of yourself on the board where your token is located, and then perform two actions with that copy, the possible actions being moving to an adjacent orthogonal space, time-traveling to the next board (travel from the past to the future is not allowed), or time-traveling to the previous board, leaving a copy of yourself in the current location.

Sure, you've traveled into the past, but if you stay long enough, you'll return to where you started, so you're there too! At the end of your turn, move your focus token to another board.

According to the basic rules, you murder a copy of your opponent by pushing him against the edge of the board. You have a limited number of copies of yourself in reserve, and murdered copies do not go back into your reserve because that would be gross. If you run out of copies, you can't travel back in time since you can't leave a copy of yourself behind.

If on your turn, your opponent has copies of themselves on one board, you win!

Play four chapters of increasing difficulty, adding more time travel shenanigans and unlocking more content as you master the game!

Theme(s) Abstract
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) CombinationScenario
Author(s) Peter C. Hayward
Artist Jor Ros
Editor Iello

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