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Inside this 123-page book, you will learn of the O-12’s many and varied bureaus with a special emphasis on the agencies and ultimately people that strive to keep ruin from the door.
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Welcome to O-12.

Born from the failings of the UN and the League of Nations, the O-12 is a place where what passes for interplanetary law across the Human Sphere is born, bred, and ultimately enforced. A bureaucratic monolith, it provides guidance on every topic and imposes order when all other measures fail.

It is the one neutral place where all the factions can come together and talk out their differences. Each can contribute, secure in the knowledge that they will be equally able to speak regardless of military might or economic leverage, and who knows, occasionally someone might even listen.

Whether marshalling the forces arrayed against the Combined Army, negotiating multilateral trade treaties, or pursuing shoplifters on a Circular, the O-12 is a constant, often quiet part of the Sphere’s everyday life. Partnered with the Sphere’s sole AI, ALEPH, it seeks to promote order above all, despite the natural anarchy that humanity is inclined to pursue.

  • Inside this 123-page book, you will learn of the O-12’s many and varied bureaus with a special emphasis on the agencies and ultimately people that strive to keep ruin from the door.
  • Full character creation rules for O-12 characters, including a wealth of background information on the O-12 faction, and expanded campaign rules for Bureau Noir.
  • Detailed information on Bureau Aegis, SWORDFOR, and Bureau Noir.
  • Inside gossip on the important embassies of the O-12.
  • A full rundown on the Concilium System and the threats hiding in its shadows.
Language(s) English
Note globale 4.6
Number of pages 123
Book cover Soft
Editor Modiphius

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  • le 09/28/22


    4.75 comme pour Aleph et le supplément Tohaas.

    O-12 est l'ONU de l'univers d'Infinity. Puissant, omniprésent c'est la faction de la sphère humaine la plus importante avec Aleph et les Tohaas.

    Etant donné que si vous voulez éviter les coups de p*tes entre joueurs, vous pouvez tous les faire bosser pour O-12, savoir comment est contruit O-12, quels sont les différents bureaux et unités spéciales est un vrai plus.

    Est-ce qu'on faire sans? Mouais mais c'est chaud.

    Est-ce que c'est un achat prioritaire? Si vous avez l'argent, avec Aleph et Tohaas, oui. Je recommande même de l'acheter en même temps que le GM Guide.

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