Pax Viking


Pax Viking is a historical strategy game of trade and diplomacy in the 10th century
  • English
  • From 12 years old
  • 1 to 2h
  • 1 to 6 player(s)

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Pax Viking a game about the lesser known Vikings, those who travelled east

The game highlights those Vikings who travelled eastwards, towards the rich trade routes of Persia and around the Black Sea. Skilled opportunists in the matters of silver and axe, these Vikings are ready to wield whichever worked best in any given situation. They shared an adventurous explorer ethos with the westward travelling Vikings, and reached far to the south and east, forming strong alliances, influencing societies, and founding empires along their way.

The areas under Norse control are vast. The administration of power is becoming increasingly complicated. The Viking longships are excellent for travelling both at sea and on rivers. In the western part of Europe, your neighbour Jarls in Denmark and Norway are pillaging the lands. It is wise to be on good terms with these Powerful Allies. You interact with them by travelling to their Posts in the West. But you are also aware of the economic advantages to be gained by having followers in the strong Trade Center of some existing larger cities as well. It is up to you to weave and navigate a successful saga within Pax Viking in order to become the first Swedish monarch!

Theme(s) VikingWar
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) NegotiationCommerce
Author(s) Jon Manker
Overall score 4.6
Editor Ion Game Design


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  • le 03/14/23


    Pour les amateurs de Pax Pamir, voici un jeu de la même trempe avec une rivière de cartes rondes, et une interaction plus forte entree les joueurs de part leur positionnement géographique. Le jeu est un petit peu plus simple (mais pas beaucoup plus) que Pax Pamir mais plus ludique aussi... et pourtant je suis un fan de Pax Pamir.

    Un concepteur génial a planché aussi sur ce jeu , pour ceux qui connaissent Phil EKLUND, ( BOIS GENESIS, MEGAFAUNA, ORIGINS, Et surtout HIGH FRONTIER et INTERSTELLAR...)

    Ca donne envie de reprendre la série Vikings...

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