Bolt Action - Équipes d'armes des Bersaglieri italiens


Bolt Action - Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams contains six resin figures, to be assembled and painted.
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Armed infantry teams are a key component of any Bolt Action army, as they offer great tactical flexibility to your force. Sniper teams, anti-tank teams and light mortar teams are among the most common, presenting your opponent with multiple challenges.

The Solothurn anti-tank rifle was a cross between a real anti-tank rifle and a light anti-tank gun. Equipped with a light wheeled carriage and magazine, the Solothurn could achieve a rate of fire of 20 rounds per minute.

The Italian Army did not have a specialized sniper rifle, and the relatively light Carcano Model 1891 with a small-caliber bullet was not ideally suited to this role. However, in the hands of a skilled sniper, the weapon proved deadly enough.

The Brixia 45mm light mortar was a powerful and effective weapon in the hands of properly trained soldiers. Its rate of fire was superior to similar weapons used by other nations, and its accuracy was also unmatched.

The box contains:
  •         Six Warlord Resin figures
  •         Plastic bases
  •         Three order dice
These figures are molded from our new and improved Warlord Resin Plus.
Language(s) English
Theme Historique : 20ème Siècle
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Editor Warlord Games

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