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Rumbleslam - Kaiser's Palace - Greased Lightning


Rumbleslam - Kaiser's Palace - Greased Lightning for the Rumbleslam miniatures game, contains five resin figures to be assembled and painted.
  • English
  • From 12 years old

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With the little robot's flowing oil, the ring will be very slippery!

Mechabjorn has hydraulic fists ready to hit even the biggest opponents. The Puncher Bag, a punching bag that returns the blows, scares the opponent!

All this with the support of the ring itself: with the Turnbuckle-Up and the Followspots coming to life!

The dwarves of The Runic Thunder team are very inventive and are behind many of the mechanical creations that are part of Kaiser's Palace. Greased Lightning is an extyension team from The Runic Thunder and brings an entire ring of mechanical destruction!

The Oilbot, which starts small, lubricates the joints of your mechanical constructs and keeps them in perfect condition. It can dispense +AP and +MP counters to its mechanical friends, even though it normally can't. Be careful with them though, if they get too excited, they can spray oil everywhere.

Followspots are animated spotlights. They are in the ring to draw attention to friendly wrestlers, allowing them to use their crowd pleaser for a reduced AP cost. They will definitely want to use their Shining Spear and Sirius Drop of Light, both of which have +1 to their roll, making them super consistent.

The punching bags are an interactive training creation. A punching bag that returns punches and is all about personality. Every time he takes damage, he punches back. Every time he is hit with a punch-out, he punches again.

The Turnbuckle-Up is a walking turnbuckle, which is quite fun. Wrestlers can climb it in the same way as a turnbuckle and even inflict more damage with their own turnbuckle attacks if the crowd is nice enough.

Mechabjorn is the heavyweight of the set, half dwarf, half autumnal. More than the sum of its parts, Mechabjorn can increase one of its already considerable stats with each turn. This 3 weight is truly the heavyweight of the bunch and is much more versatile than the Puncher bag.

The acrylic bases are covered with a colored film that must be removed before assembly.

The resin figure is supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will need to be cleaned and assembled, and some small holes may need to be filled.

  •         5 Resin Figures
  •         5 Single character profile cards
  •         5 Clear acrylic bases

Language(s) English
Theme Fantasy
Size 28-35mm
Product Type Miniatures
Editor TTCombat

Kaiser's Palace

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