La Fin du Monde - La Colère des Dieux


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It's the end of the world as we know it. The gods are angry and sow destruction on the planet.
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It's the end of the world as we know it. The gods are angry and sow destruction on the planet. Monsters spread terror in their wake. The earth is shaken by earthquakes, storms, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. The animals seem to be determined to eradicate the human race. Dark viscous creatures arise from abyss by psalmoiding impious songs to the glory of their malfoliistic God. What can mortals do well face divine punishment? And you find yourself in the middle of this catastrophe. How are you going out? Do you have a plan? Are you ready to fight, hide, to die? This game does not speak of heroes or stars of action movies. He talks about you, your identity, what you know and what you are capable of. You will find in this book: a stylish narrative rules system to help you tell the story of your survival. Characters that will allow you to embody you in the world of play with your friends.Cinq Unique Apocalypse scenarios including places, NPCs and furious gods! How do you survive at the end of the world? The answer is waiting for you inside!
Theme(s) Zombies
Language(s) French
Note globale 4.4
Editor Edge Studio

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  • le 06/05/18

    La Colère des Dieux propose cinq campagnes très variées dans leurs idées et leurs approches d'une même thématique principale. Efficace tant d'un point de vue mécanique que dramatique, ce nouvel opus de La fin du monde démontre que la formule mise en place par la gamme s'accorde parfaitement à des univers variés.

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