Lunar Base


Lunar Base is a 2-6 player strategy card game where you compete to build the most powerful moon base.

  • English
  • From 10 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 to 6 player(s)

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A bold new era of space exploration has begun. With many different factions and organizations vying for power in this latest space race, you are tasked with leading one of these competing moon colonization teams.

Make shipments from Earth work to your advantage. Recruit agents and send them to infiltrate opponents' bases to hasten your expansion, or hinder the progress of your competitors.

Defeat your rivals and achieve lunar dominance by housing the most colonists, gaining the most influence, hoarding the most lunar credits, or earning the most renown through scientific achievements.

Lunar Base is a 2-6 player strategy card game where you compete to build the most powerful moon base. It’s fast paced, medium-light weight, portable and easy to set up. In order to win the space race, play to your station’s strengths. Win by housing the most colonists, researching scientific achievements, hoarding lunar credits, or gaining the most influence.

Theme(s) Space
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) DraftCollectionPowersCards
Author(s) Kaido Koort, Martin Paroll, Joosep Simm, Silver Türk
Artist Ladislava Bohacova
Format Retail Version
Editor Plepic Games

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