Cursed Empire - The Heroes of Thargos


The Cursed Empire - The Heroes of Thargos card game uses a deck-building system around the idea of Factions and Heroes from the Cursed Empire JDR world, battling against each other using an easy-to-learn card resource management system to compete on a number of "mission tracks."

  • French, English
  • From 14 years old
  • 1 to 2h
  • 1 to 2 player(s)

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Complete missions and compete for fame in the world of Thargos.

The Cursed Empire - The Heroes of Thargos card game is designed to open up the world of Thargos to those who are new to it, and to those who have already experienced adventures through the RPG, bringing them back to it once again. The game allows players to develop their own play styles through the cards they choose for their decks without having to compete with a rarity system built into many trading card games. Players choose how much they want to be invested in their decks through regular release expansions.


The object of the game is to acquire Victory Points (VPs) by completing Mission Cards. Each player will have access to four Mission Tracks, each of which will *always* have a Mission Card in play that players can attempt to complete.

As Mission Cards are completed by opposing players, you will replace them from your own decks to help balance the playing field and keep the tension going until the end of the game. Players will choose the number of Victory Points they need to win based on the total cumulative points of the four Hero Cards they choose to make up their team.

Thus, each Hero Card is worth a certain number of Hero Points, listed on the cards, which signifies not only the estimated power level of the card, but also the number of victory points the player needs to win the game. There is also a Solo Mode and a Story Mode where you can play as a team.

The basic box for two players contains 210 cards with which players can build their starting decks:

  •     1 Rulebook
  •     33 unique Cursed Empire Hero Cards including key character types such as the Crimson Knight, The Darkun of the Spider Faction, The Cobra Company, The Assassin of Kurnor, and the Demonist of Karg to name a few.
  •     66 Mission Cards all located in the world of Thargos.
  •     56 Advantage Cards featuring Thargos' minions, special items, unique weapons, etc.
  •     55 Action Cards featuring a multitude of Thargos creatures and player-triggered events.

Note: The basic game boxes have enough cards for more than two decks, however, purchasing two basic decks will allow for greater variability and is "required" if players want to add the maximum number of certain cards to their battle decks (e.g. 4 copies for non-unique cards).

Theme(s) FantasticMedieval
Language(s) FrenchEnglish
Mechanism(s) Co-operative CardsDraft
Author(s) Chris LoizouBryan Steele
Artist Martin Paz RomeroRyan Verhagen
Editor SBG Editions



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